Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Gold plated JFK charm pendant dug up at the Flea Market

This is just a quick post.  I found this beautiful gold plated JFK charm pendant at the Flea Market.  It was a thrill to see gold in the hole!  The other finds were junk and clad coins, mostly rotted Lincoln pennies.  But this pendant is such a beauty that I had to share it!  I found one for sale on eBay for $10, but this one's a keeper for me!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Sterling pin and Boy Scout badge+bolo dug at the Flea Market

We had nearly 2" of rain overnight recently and the soggy ground is great for detecting - the higher soil conductivity gives better readings from the metal detector.  So I went over to my favorite haunt - the Flea Market site to see what I could find.  I have gone over the whole site at least 3 times, but I keep finding more interesting items.  Most are less than 2-3" down.

I found 2 Boy Scout items, a bolo and a pin:


Then I got this nice sterling brooch:

And a Christian pendant.  One booth seems to specialize in Christian items and I have found a lot of pendants and bookmarks etc.


The was also a rusted pen knife that was gold plated, a lot of junk, clad coins etc.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Digging with a new detectorist friend

I met Bill today to go detecting in town.  He had called and introduced himself a while back and this is the first time we have detected together.  He has decades of experience and many amazing finds!  We started digging an abandoned road but the weeds were pretty thick, the ground boggy and the finds not good.  So we moved on to the local historical society property which is housed in a 1800s farm house.  It was hot enough that we started in the shade.  The finds were not great, but it was a pleasant day for detecting.

My best find was the ox shoe.  My first and it is a big one!

But I also like the KENT pen knife with the horn/antler sides.

Also got a brass buckle. I'm not sure if it is modern though.