Sunday, August 25, 2019

Gold in the garden and all down hill from there

I spent a pleasant afternoon visiting my friend Polly at her charming home that overlooks a small cove on the coast of Maine.  Her deck has a stunning view and later I went detecting around her property.  In the first 5 minutes I found a 14K gold ring and a bracelet right in the front garden.  My pulse was definitely racing!  After that I worked my way down slope toward the water but found very little else interesting.  

Here's some pictures of the ring with a purple stone:

I'll get it appraised tomorrow because I'm not sure what the stone is. 

I found it on the right edge of her lawn close to the garden:

Right next to it I found this chain bracelet with a pendant that has a gold face with engraved initials.  At first I though it was some kind of stamp, but the letters read correctly when you look at it.  DT?  or DE?  Polly did not recognize either item.  Both this and the ring were just a few inches down.

Here are all today's finds except the bits of roofing lead and the end of a gutter:

The round thing appears to be brass with 2 hinged sections.  It looks vaguely nautical.  If anyone has thoughts on what it is I'd be curious to know.

I have not been out detecting much this year due to bad weather and other commitments.  Now the temperatures are more reasonable, I hope to get out more often.