Thursday, July 2, 2020

Day 4 at the playground - $1.25 with a bullet

I keep finding more coins at this small city playground!  The fenced in area is roughly 50 X 100ft. and so far I have dug up over $5 in coins.  Today's haul was $1.25.  A local I spoke with was surprised by how many coins I have recovered as this park is adjacent to the low income city housing.

I am getting better at finding coins near the metal posts and fencing by using the pinpointer mode on my Garrett ACE 300 detector.  This helps me discriminate the "wow" sounds from the posts from the "blips" of the coins.  Then I'm able to use my Pro-pointer to get in close.  Most of the coins are right near the surface and easy to find.

I started working around the lawn outside the playground that borders the parking lot.  I found a lot of trash, can slaw and the rifle cartridge.  Not often I find a live round!  I drop them off at the sheriff's office when I have a few since I drive by there often.