Monday, September 2, 2019

Cheerleader badge and sterling ring at the local school grounds

It was a very pleasant day on Labor Day today, overcast and mid '70's.  I started by going over the playground where the digging is easy due to the 8+" of bark chips and I found several quarters.  The first time I dug there this year was Memorial Day and I found over $7 in quarters!  Today's quarter haul was only $2.25 but I'm happy!

But then I started working around the perimeter of the athletic field very close to the asphalt walkway - staying clear of the actual designated playing areas. And that is where I found the cool items below.

The first interesting find was this large cheer leader pin.  It had 2 pins originally, but one had bent over, and the other broke off.

Then I turned up this nice sterling ring - stamped 925.  It is a size 6.5 and I had to straighten it out a bit, but it came up clean.  I like the feather design!

There were other coins, and I also picked up 3 redeemable water bottles.  In Maine they are worth 5 cents each, so that's more money in the bank.  So total of $1.52 in coin and 15 cents in bottles and a silver ring.  I'm happy with that for an hour or so of hunting.