Friday, April 27, 2018

Chinese coin and tiny brass candle holder

April 27, 2018
It rained over an inch yesterday so I didn't get out, but the dirt was nice and easy to dig today.  Never thought I say that I like mud!  My mother used to marvel at how I could play in the dirt for hours as a kid and come into the house immaculate!  That's why I wear good rubber gardening gloves, but the equipment does need a good washing off after a day like today.

Some great finds.  First is a Chinese coin:
My research tells me it's from Emperor JEN TSUNG AD 1796-1820 period
Reign title: CHAI-CH'ING, t
he Manchurian mint name translates to Pao-chi.
Worth maybe $1.00 or so today.

Then a cool button, no idea if it is old:
 Made by: "WATERBURY BUTTON CO, CONN."  A company founded in 1812 that is still in business making uniform buttons.  I'm told it could be 1940s WW2 vintage.

Then there's the cute tiny brass candle stick:
Fun finds!

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