Sunday, April 22, 2018

Lots of US coins - and a 1973 British half penny

April 22, 2018
My 3rd day at the flea market permission and a 2.5 hour hunt.  I found an area so dense with coins that I could barely swing the machine without getting a "ding".  I generally don't check the coins until I get home, but a couple of them seemed odd.  Not shown in the picture above are the usual trash items like nails and screws.  And yes, that is a live rifle round!  The lead bullet has rotted quite a bit though. 

After cleaning, I was pleased to find a 1958 real copper ONE CENT:

And a 1972 British half penny:

The weather is improving and this was the first day I did not need a jacket, so it was in the 60's and sunny which makes for an enjoyable experience.  Total coin haul: 2 quarters, 2 dimes and 12 pennies, plus the British half penny.  Those coins are sneaky and sometimes hide in the dirt plug until I slice it in half to get at the middle with my pinpointer.

I clean all the coins with white vinegar and table salt in solution then a few swipes with a brass brush to remove the oxide/debris.

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