Thursday, April 19, 2018

Surface Finds - the other metal detecting

April 19, 2018 

My friend and neighbor John and I like to walk along the roads near our small dead-end, road and while talking we stop to pick up trash.  I always carry a medium size bright orange trash bag for visibility.  Yesterday was our first long walk on the town road since the snow had melted - covering about a 1/2 mile.  As the snow plow berms melt back they reveal all the bottles, cans and trash that accumulates.  On this walk we filled the bag and found another bag that we used to haul more home.  We find a lot of beer cans and bottles that redeem for 5 cents, but the plastic quart vodka bottles redeem for 15 cents and the local town drunk seems to go through a lot of those!
Today I sorted and cleaned everything up and took them in to the recycling machines at the supermarket, and this is the result.
$2.00 total!  Not bad for an enjoyable walk with some good stretching, bending and scrambling down the hills off the side of the road.  Lots of good aerobic exercise.

Another "surface find" was a cell phone found face down right next to the road, it was a Samsung Galaxy.  When I got it home, I turned it on.  I found that the last text messages ended in mid February and it still had 30% battery left.  It had been buried in snow for 2 months!  So I found the owners name and phone number and texted him that I found it.  He was thrilled.  Since he lives over an hour away, I offered to mail it to him.  Another great recovery!

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