Sunday, May 20, 2018

Silent running at my flea market site

May 20, 2018
My birthday present to myself came yesterday.  I got the Garrett Z-Lynk wireless headphone kit for my ACE 300 detector.  This also works with the new wireless pinpointer.  
I have been envious of Jocelyn and Beau  (Relic Recoverist and Aquachigger - see links at right to their YouTube channels) as they were testing the pre-release version of the pinpointer and showing it in their videos.  It was so easy to set everything up as the batteries arrived fully charged (both the transmitter module and the headphones charge from a uUSB connection).  Pairing both devices was quick and easy and I was up an running in minutes.  As someone who designs electronic products for a living I have to applaud the Garrett engineers!  Nice work there!

So today I got out and tested the system.  The flea market is next to a busy road with loud trucks and motorcycles and that is one reason I got the Z-Lynk headphones.  I also prefer the "Silent Running" mode so I'm not announcing my presence or bothering people nearby, although I usually have the site to myself.  I really like the sound quality, it is much more pleasant than the harsh buzzy tones emitted by the detector and pinpointer's speakers.  Overall I'm really pleased.  I'm a total convert and can highly recommend the Z-Lynk wireless system, it is fast and responsive.

I found a lot of trash metal, pull-tabs, brass screws and washers etc. and lots of clad coins - not shown.

But the interesting finds are these:
That's a big rifle shell!  Markings are: RG L2A2 + 69.  As a Quaker, I know nothing about weapons or things that go "BANG!".  It will get turned in to the county sherrifs with others I accumulate.

Also a Cutter & Tower extra fine steel dip pen nib (center above). I grew up in England and recall using these and the ceramic inkwells embedded in the school desks at boarding school - yes I'm THAT OLD!  Well actually my school was trapped in the past, so this was in the early 1960s.  Students were assigned to mix up a batch of ink from powder each week and top up the ink wells in each desk.

The pendant is a solid 7gram (.24oz) brick of 925 silver - nice!

This is my second Chinese coin from the flea market.  I used this site to identify it.  Minted during Emperor Gao Zong reign title Qian Long from 1736 to 1795.  According to the site this well-made coin is typical of the cash coins cast during the early part of his reign.

Finally I found this 1891 V nickel, the obverse is unreadable, but it's a cool find.

All these were found in a 100ft transect of the parking area for the sellers.  I could barely walk 2 feet without hitting a good signal.  The whole experience with wireless headphones and pinpointer was really great and makes the whole process a bit more enjoyable.

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