Saturday, June 2, 2018

Sterling anniversary pendant and more

June 2, 2018
It was another perfect day in the high 70's and very breezy.  I spent an hour poking around the historical museum grounds and just found lead flashing and other scrap metal.  So I went back  to the the flea market for a few hours this afternoon.  I keep going over the same areas and finding more cool things.  Today I got $1.20 in change and a 1996 Canadian penny.  And another square piece of lead - I find these often and this one is actually thin lead folded in half.  Maybe the sellers use these as weights?

I like this little brass(?) bear pin:
 A Facebook friend told me that: " The bear pin is a rank badge for the Webelos, which is the phase between cub scouts and Boy Scouts."

And a military button front (the back is missing):

The best find is the sterling anniversary(?) pendant with the initials: "D.E.G." engraved on one side and: "June 22-'57" on the other.  Stamped WINARD STERLING.

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