Monday, July 30, 2018

Beach and flea market coin bonanza

I have been meaning to explore the parking area of the flea market, and finally got to it.  This is rural Maine, so a parking area is just a flat drive-able area of grassy field.  The owner told me that part of the property was originally garden and she has less than fond memories of being sent out to weed and pick off slugs.  The dirt below the grass sod is very sandy and easy to dig.  I started along the front edge parallel to the road and kept pulling dimes, one after the other.  They were all in good shape dating back no further than 1997.  The last person to detect the flea market did it in the 90's, so I rarely see clad coin older than that.  I got quarters and pennies too, but very few nickels which seems to be normal where I dig for some reason.

I don't usually show coins or can slaw, but that is mostly what I got.  $5.60 in coin from today and the previous 2 days at the beach that were also quite productive.

This neat bronze hook is interesting.  Not sure what it was for.
Update.  Some folks on Facebook think it was a piece of horse tack.  The 2 holes would secure the spring steel part of the clip - like a dog clip.

And of course I had to find a hose nozzle from when it was a garden.

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