Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Popham beach search for lost engagement ring - day 2

I figured it was worth a long shot to go have a second look for the lost engagement ring on Popham beach, despite it now being 3 days and 6 (8ft.) tide cycles.  I can use the experience beach hunting. I did find a lot of good signals and here's what I turned up.
A lot of recently dropped clean coins totaling $2.30.  Most were found above high tide at the cut where the wet seaweed ends up.  Some had brown crud on them that came off with a brass wire brush and an hour or so in my little National Geographic rock tumbler.  I also found a bunch of rotted "stinkin' Lincolns" in the wet sand that I had to toss.

I met up with another Maine detectorist named Holly and this was also her 3rd day beach detecting and she also had the Garrett ACE 300 detector so we compared settings.  I have been using max sensitivity with iron discrimination on the drier sand with good results.  I am really enjoying "stealth mode" with the Z-Lynk wireless headphones and new PRO pointer AT Z-Lynk wireless pinpointer.  No public beeping to disturb beach goers!
Pro-pointer AT

Holly wears a white gold ring so she put it on the wet sand for a reading and got 38-9.  We both were surprised, expecting a number in the low to mid 40's.  She started off in the wet sand but got so many false signals that I suggested we both hunt above the high tide mark.

It was a very foggy day but pleasantly warm.  You can barely see Fort Popham in the distance in this shot even though it is less than 1/4 mile away.

I kept getting hopeful every time I got a strong signal!  Those lead fishing weights really got me excited for a minute there.  I'd say I covered an area about the size of a football field over 2 days and about 6 hours of hunting.  I learned a lot about beach hunting and where to look.  Too bad we could not find that beautiful ring!

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