Saturday, December 1, 2018

Field of broken arrows - and rings

I haven't been out digging for a month now, mostly because I have been busy with work (I design electronic products for a living, mostly).  But also because it snowed several inches before Thanksgiving and the ground froze, so I mothballed my equipment.  Today however, the snow all melted and the ground thawed to the point of being muddy.

I decided to go out in the hay field across from my home.  I have not had high expectations for this field, but then I watch Jocelyn (Relic Recoverist) and Drew's (Naughty Dog Treasures) YouTube videos and realize that they always find cool stuff way out in open fields along the East Coast.  So I figured "Why not" today and roamed out in the fields going with the vibe of what felt right.
My first finds were some old square nails and a big steel chunk that looks like it was part of haying equipment.  But then as I worked out farther I got a strong signal that read as long an narrow.  It was part of an aluminum hunting arrow.  I found parts of 3 arrows all broken up in the same area.  They were angled down ranging from a few inches to over 9" deep.  Maybe they were lost to target practice, or someone trying to bag a deer and missing?

A little further on I came across this dead mole.  It looks quite large and hopefully died of old age.  It looks very peaceful.

I worked my way up to the top of the rise at the highest point in the field where I had found rifle shells, can slaw and lots of pull tabs in the past - this was a picnic spot at some point.  I took the picture below looking back across the field to my house that is hidden in the woods.

Shortly after I took this picture, I got a good strong silver signal and pulled up this silver ring.  It is junk jewelry that tests as 80% silver.  It was made from a strip and bent around and joined and the pattern does not match.  There is no makers mark.

A little later I found this steel ring that was probably from horse tack.

It was great to get out on a relatively warm, sunny day, even though it was rather muddy!  This is the latest in the season that I have dug since I don't like digging in cold or snow.  I'll be doing a season wrap-up next that highlights my favorite finds of the year.

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