Monday, February 4, 2019

Interesting keys found in 2018

It has been months since the ground froze hard here in Maine, and I'll have to wait until April before I can dig again.  So All I can do is look at all my "treasure", and enjoy the memories.
Last year I found a number of keys, mostly on the flea market site that I was detecting on throughout the year.  

Among the modern keys were some from out of state like this one from Chicago:
I looked up the address, and that location is now the site of the Wintrust Arena.  

The other interesting out of state key is this "Handy Harry" from 54 6th AVE N.Y.:

The address appears to be a brownstone in Brooklyn now.  I imagine it may have been a small key shop a while back.

Here's one Made by Hudson Key from New Rochelle NY:

Then there is this USPS box box key that could be from anywhere:

I also particularly like this tiny keyhole that may have been from a jewelry box:

I can't imagine how tiny the key would have been!

And here are a couple of regular brass keyholes:

And finally a few skeleton keys that may be from relatively recent boxes:
The top one is plated zinc I think.

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