Friday, March 20, 2020

Local high school rings and coins

My first day out detecting this year!  The ice has not fully melted off the lake nearby and parts of the ground are still frozen in the shade.  But it got up into the 40's (Fahrenheit) so it was nice enough to go dig.  
I went to the town school playground which is covered with nearly a foot of bark chips.  I found a few signals that read as quite deep and when I dug down below about 4" I hit the ice layer as you can see in the image above.  I had to give up on some promising signals because of that ice layer!

One of the annoying things about school grounds is the pencils.  The aluminum that holds the erasers on rings up as precious metal - just like the hated pull-tabs.  I get excited every time - then . . . disappointment.

I got 74 cents in coins which were mostly near the surface.  2 coin spills of many coins included a nice ring shown below.
It's junk jewelry with abalone and some kind of stones mounted in a plated brass ring.

The other ring has a cloisonne unicorn on it.  Very cute!

Then there was this nice surface find - a chunk of quartz crystal.

A very pleasant start to the season!

A week or so ago I went through all my finds and culled out the silver and gold scrap and sent it in to a reclaimer and got $23.89.  Clearly it was mostly silver which is at around $16.oz these days.

I'm looking forward to this excuse to get outside while I'm socially isolating myself during this COVID-19 pandemic which is just beginning to hit Maine.  The cool thing about detecting is that it is inherently social distancing as a hobby!  We rarely detect together.

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