Tuesday, May 1, 2018

1953 Canadian Cent, military button + highway token

May 1, 2018
An interesting assortment from today's hunt.  The big brass ring has "2 1/2  TOP-ME" embossed in it.  No idea if ME refers to Maine or what it was for, but it's a big chunk of brass. 
The 1953 Canadian Cent cleaned up fairly well despite being a bit pitted.  And this is the 2nd New Hampshire Public Works and Highways token I have found (not shown).  It's about the size of a quarter and presumably used for paying tolls.

The military button was made by Horstmann Philadelphia.  I can't find an identical one on the web, but the front shows a bird (eagle?) above an anchor with 13 stars around the edge.  I'm told it could be a 1898 through 1902, later version of the federal navy button.

Then there's this nice brass drawer pull with lots of fancy patterning on the front

Finally there is the engraved copper plate that reads: "Miss Esther B. Hewett" in reverse text - presumably for printing.

It is always interesting to see what comes up.  I'm finding something almost every square yard on this Flea Market permission.  I could get spoiled by this!

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