Thursday, May 3, 2018

Buttons and badges and 1901 George V penny

May 3, 2018
A quick 1 hour hunt on my flea marker permission this morning before the rain hit.  The black flies are just starting to get alloying and I forgot to bring my bug dope.  Lots of interesting finds though.

This 1967(?) Impala SS badge is cool, I wonder if it is collectible?

This earring or badge has a neat emblem looks to be brass plated.

This tiny Lions International badge has a screw thread on back and says: "REG. US. PAT. OFF." on the back, and the word: "ABUNDANCE" across the top front.  No idea what is patentable about it.  Part broken off might have been a number.

And this tiny brass door knob with key hole is cool! Maybe for a doll house?

This Lion(?) is maybe pewter or pot metal and might have been plated originally.
And finally the 1901 George V British penny.  I have no idea how these foreign coins get here, I also have found late 1700's Chinese and 1950's Japanese coins.  Maybe the flea market had a coin dealer with a propensity for dropping them?  But I find them all over the property.

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