Tuesday, May 29, 2018

More Siam Silver

May 29, 2018
This morning I went on a quick hunt before it got too hot.  Day time temperatures here in Maine have been bouncing from the mid 50s one day to the 80s the next and it makes it hard to adjust to summer.  You have to start the day with a long sleeve flannel shirt and remove it by 10:00am on days like today.

I'm not showing the coins, just the other odd stuff.  Bits of brass hardware, and that square of lead at top right.  I find a lot of those that the flea market for some reason.  All the good metals get sorted into bins to be recycled eventually.

The interesting finds include a "Siam Sterling" (aka Nielloware) pendant, this is my 3rd Siam silver piece and they all seem to show Hindu gods:

 This heart shaped item does not test as precious metal.  It's not a pendant, so I don't know what it was for other than some kind of "love token".

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