Friday, May 25, 2018

Stinkin' Lincolns galore

May 25, 2018
So I said I would stop showing coins because I find so many of them, but lately that is all I have found of any value at my flea market site.  Lincoln pennies rot pretty fast and the owner said that the last time the property had been detected was in the 90's.  A penny can rot to the point of having no value in 10-15 years in this location and soil.  

I have only found a couple of wheat pennies so far (they were made from 1909 to 1958 and were solid copper back then).  Detectorists call them "wheaties".  Modern ones have a thin copper plating over zinc, detectorists call them "clad" coins and once the plating rots through the coin turns black and lumpy.

So here's what I found yesterday:
Coins, a bullet and pull tabs - boooring.  But at least it was a pleasant day in the high 70's with a light breeze and a few light rain squalls.  I remember watching YouTube videos over the winter of people down south or in England (Addictedtobleeps) detecting in the rain and thinking they must be cold.  But it is actually quite pleasant to work in a light warm rain.

Today was much the same, except I found more odd bits of copper and brass.  I am collecting brass, copper, lead, silver and gold for recycling.  So far I have quite a lot of lead from fishing weights and roof flashing etc. 
Most of these pennies are too far gone and get trashed.  But I did run the viable coins I have collected over the last few weeks through the Coinstar machine and got over $7.00.  Not bad.

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