Friday, May 4, 2018

silver jewelery and more

May 4, 2018
I had a good 2 hour hunt on the flea market grounds this morning and finally met Gina, the property owner in person.  I had called to get her permission back in mid April.  She is very friendly and encouraging and told me that her family have been on the property for generations and I am welcome to hunt around her home as well!  Yay!  But first there are acres of flea market stalls to hunt around, and she advised me to look under the tables which are permanent fixtures.  I'll get to that.  She asked me to keep an eye out for a piece of cloisonne jewellery that she lost about 4 years ago that has real sentimental value.  I hope I find it for her!

I showed Gina my first good find of the day which is a nice 800 grade (80% silver) bracelet weighing in at 3.5 grams. I like the offset heart cutout.

Later I found a nice sterling brooch weighing 7.4 grams
It is pretty bent up and has some damage, but it is a very fine design.

Then there is this 22K gold plated pendant with an eagle on it.  I assume it is military, but there are no markings on it.

Finally, I found this Christian brass bookmark(?).  The text on the front reads: "O MARY CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOURSE TO THEE".  The back shows 12 stars, and other icons.

Of course I found lots of other junk that includes bits of brass hardware that will go in my bins to be recycled once I accumulate enough scrap.

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