Saturday, June 16, 2018

Cartridge spill dug up at the flea market

June 15, 2018
I was focusing on digging UNDER the tables at the flea market this evening.  The ground there has not been walked on in over 30 years so it is soft and easy to dig.  I find a lot of objects dropped from the tables including coins.  Recently I have found several cartridges, including a spill of 6 .22 cartridges shown standing up below:
I'll be taking these to the local county sherriff's office for safe disposal next week.  I cleaned them up a bit in my rock tumbler since I was running a batch of clad pennies anyway.

I also came across a novelty this week - a 1940 Canadian cent stamped to form a keepsake.  A Facebook friend said these were made at county fairs quite often.  Clearly 40's vintage pennies were solid copper back then.

I often hunt the flea market in the late afternoon and there is always an old guy with a full white beard there who takes hours to pack up.  The market is open from 8 to noon and he can still be there after 5:00pm.  He takes up 3 or 4 tables and as I watch him, he slowly crams all of it into his already filled vehicle for the 1 hour drive back to Augusta.  He does this 3 days a week and clearly loves every piece of junk as he fondles it and carefully packs each piece.  There are 2 tires strapped to the roof of his vehicle that have been there for years according to Randy the grounds keeper.

The flea market world is interesting to say the least.  I have found an old dear who makes great pies for $7 each.  I'm getting a blueberry pie almost every week now.  It's great to support my local economy.

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