Monday, June 18, 2018

The good dirt is under the flea market tables

June 17, 2018
I'm continuing to explore the "virgin dirt" under the flea market tables.  It's soft and easy to dig and I don't have to be as fussy about putting the dirt back as no-one ever goes down there.  There seems to be a lot of dropped items buried under them.  Definitely some cool finds today.  I'm not showing all the modern coins, but I usually get about $1.00 or so a day that I clean up enough to go through the Coinstar machine.

First is this chunky sterling silver ID bracelet with a barely readable name and the other info is worn off completely.  It weighs in at 0.656oz (18.62 grams) and will go in my silver recycling bin.

I like this tie pin.  It took me a while to remember how these were used.  The T-bar goes through a button hole in your shirt and the pin goes through the tie to secure it via the chain.  It may have been gold plated, and the stone looks like malachite.

This charming brooch might have been to honor a deceased child.

This "Soccer'd out" pin has lost the pin-back.  The back says "SPORT PINS" a phone number and "made in Taiwan".  Not sure if it is brass or maybe gold plated.

I got my first Buffalo nickel with the date worn off - as often happens with these.

A wheat penny from 1913.

And finally this neat aluminum token.  It says: "CHICKEN FEED PLAY COIN" on one side and: "ONE HENNY PENNY" on the other.  It might have been a cereal box give-away or something? 

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