Sunday, July 8, 2018

Baffled by what I find detecting the flea market site

July 8, 2018

I continue to be baffled, surprised and amazed at what I find digging around the flea market site that I have now been working for nearly 3 months.  It is terrific practice and I'm learning a lot and grateful to have this resource just 3 miles from my home.

Today I dug up mostly junk, can slaw and bolts, and I almost missed this little coin as it was so thin that I though it was just a washer or copper scrap.  Turns out it's a 1935 George V British West Africa one cent.  They were made from 1912 to 1936. The original coin had the round hole in the center, but another was added.  I have to assume it was dropped by a coin collector seller, but who knows?  Maybe an African visitor had it as a pendant or love token that came off their neck?

Here's what it looked like mint:

And if you got the latest copy (August 2018) of Treasure Hunting Magazine (UK), turn to page 15 to see my story about my first major historical find, and recovering my friends wedding ring.  The editor cleverly captioned the story: "British TV Series Helps Locate American Wedding Ring" since it was the Detectorists TV show that got me started in detecting.  I also blogged about those finds here:
1907 Commemorative Medallion
Recovered a gold wedding ring

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