Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sterling and name plates dug at the flea market

The owner of the flea market told me that what is now the parking area used to be the gardens of the property.  Her family have been there for 4 generations and she has memories of picking slugs off the plants and weeding for her grandmother - not very fond memories apparently.  So I'm going to be focusing on that area.  The ground under the sod is very sandy, making it very easy to dig.
Today's finds include 3 stamped plates.  The big one at the top is a serial number from a Ford vehicle or tractor.  The 2 smaller ones appear to be hand stamped with the person's name and address.

Of interest to me are the sterling silver finds, starting with this nice simple ring.

And this cloisonne Santa pendant.
These will go into my silver recycling bin as they have no real value.

This one is a puzzler!  Metal back that had an attachment originally, maybe was a pendant.

And a gold plated thingy that appears to be designed for a button hole.  But it does not seem like a cuff link.  The back is not removable.

I think this was a jewelry part.  Probably brass.

Also got about 85 cents in clad coin.

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