Saturday, July 21, 2018

Many neat finds around the coin sellers table

I went to the Flea Market this morning to scope it out, and to get an excellent blueberry pie from the "Pie Lady".  She's a bit of a legend apparently.  I have offered to barter some of my surplus crabapples or blueberries as they ripen.  I have already picked a quart of blueberries from my 4 high bush bushes.

I also explored the market to see what tables might yield good spills.  I saw that the antique coin seller was back, he had been out sick for a few months.  So today I decided to have a look around his table.  It was a great day, many cool finds - some right on the surface like the '56 Liberty dime.

Here's a picture of the market in full swing.  It really fills in at this time of year and the weather was perfect, mid '70's with a light breeze.  Although I often pray for a windy day so there are more spills! 

The best find today was this amazing medal from the now closed Brunswick, Maine Naval Air Station.  It says: "PRESENTED BY CMDCM (AW/NAC) DONALD HOLMAN" on one side. this thing is hefty - maybe bronze with cloisonne bald eagle across the state outline in green.

Along with the 1956 Liberty dime, I found 2 wheaties from 1948 and 1953.

Then there is this Moroccan 10 Franc coin dated 1371 Mohamed calendar (1952).  It's aluminum bronze and not worth much in good condition.  I love finding unusual foreign coins!

More unusual is this Missouri sales tax receipt token.  It's the same on both sides and dates from 1937-1942, made of zinc it's original value was .001 cent and was used to pay taxes.

Other than coins, I found some neat jewelry like this silver American Airlines pin badge.  I recall these were given out to kids by the stewardesses back in the 50' to 70's.  I'm impressed that it is real sterling.  The back is serrated and screws on.

A couple of earrings.

Suspender hardware.

And a bullet.

A few other odds and ends include a glass bead, cylindrical chunk of brass and a small lead ball (too small to be a musket ball - maybe lead shot?).

I was there from 6:00 until 7:30pm and there is always one guy, Gary, who takes hours to cram all his stuff into his vehicle.  Most folks are gone by 4pm, but he slowly potters around packing up and chatting with people who stop by.  He's a neat guy who really knows his antiques and I have heard he used to teach history.  He told me he was also active in the civil rights movement in the 70's.

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