Friday, July 20, 2018

Digging up bits and bobs

Digging at the flea market today I decided to go "freestyle" and just wander around randomly going where the vibe felt right.  Got a bunch of rotting pennies and a few dimes, but no quarters or nickels.  I cleaned up the rest of the finds in my rock tumbler with a little white vinegar for about 90 minutes.  The ELEVATOR PARKING is just a scrap of paper I found.  I always pick up loose trash to be nice to the property owner. 

The silver looking locket was a surface find that must have been dropped by a seller today.  At first I thought it was silver, but it's just tin or something.  I like the way it opens out.

I checked the area around the table for the guy that sells military buttons and added another to my growing collection.  This one was s few inches down, so had been buried at least a year.  But it cleaned up nicely.  Made by "SCOVILL MFG. CO. WATERBURY" as many are.  Not sure what vintage this is but it is fully intact.

This pin for the National Association of Accountants (snore!) is dated 1919 and seems to be gold plated.  Mint condition.
This earring came out of the dirt looking very crappy but cleaned up pretty well in the rock tumbler.  Fancy brass filigree.

And finally the "bits and bobs" as Lance from Detectorists would say. 😉
Probably lamp shade finials.  They will go in my brass recycling bin which is filling up!

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