Thursday, July 5, 2018

Minié ball, silver beads, mid 1800's gold plated cuff link and more

July 5, 2018
For my readers "from away", I want to remind you that I am in Maine, USA, near the coast.  Today it is over 90F as I write this and very humid.  I got out early to detect on one of the shady spots on the nearby flea market site that I have been digging since mid April.  I am finally getting tired of working this site and I'm reaching out to the local town land trusts to see if I can get permission to detect on historic sites.  I always offer to donate important relics to the historical museums and remind them that I leave the property as I found it.

I found quite a range of items just under the shade of a few big trees.  Maybe 800 square feet in area total.

That big piece of fishing gear  was a surprise and one of the reasons I ALWAYS wear heavy gardening gloves.  Below that are pieces of lead and a Civil War era(?) lead minié ball.

I found a cluster of chunky silver beads that will go in my silver recovery bin.

A cold plated cuff link.  I seem to find a lot of cuff links at this site, mostly from the early 1900s I guess.  But this one says: "PATD NOV. 29 1861" on the back part so it probably dates to the late 1800's.

A rusted out Bulova ladies watch.
I found 2 identical tags.  I can't find any reference to the "A.T. & M. CO." on the web and it is odd that they both have the same 344 number on them.

Yet another key to add to my collection.  This one is from New Rochelle, NY.  I have keys from Chicago and NYC as well, plus several old skeleton keys.

 The interesting find is a bus token from Lewiston Auburn Transit bus token from around 1949.  L-A is about 30 miles from me.  I think it is brass plated aluminum.

I have found a number of Civil War era musket balls and minié balls and this 2-ring  example appears to have been carved or re-shaped.

For a quick 1 hour hunt, I found quite a pleasing variety this morning.

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