Monday, July 2, 2018

Square Borneo 1 cent and musket balls

July 1, 2018
The weather here in Maine has turned oppressively humid and while it is "only" in the 80's, it is really unpleasant.  Nonetheless I soldiered on and hunted the Flea Market after it had closed.  I decided to "use the force" and just wander around "feeling" where to detect.  Normally I'm very organized and work a linear path or well reasoned plan like focusing on under the tables.  Today I found some different items.
That's a large rifle casing!  The item on the right is used to support power wires under the tensioned guy wire.  A few other bits and bobs, and a dollar or so in coins (not shown).

Also a couple of musket balls.  I have found both round ones and "bullet" shaped minie balls.  I'm beginning to think that this site was used for mustering troops before they headed south.  It's near train tracks and I have also found a lot of Civil War buttons.

I have not seen a square coin quite like this.  It's a 1 cent piece from Malaya and British Borneo 1956 with QEII on the obverse.  It's in pretty bad shape and not worth anything as they minted  5 million of them.  I just have to wonder how it got here!

This brass badge says "M.HOHNER." on the front, and "CHECKOSLOVAKIA" on the back and is missing the pin.  Clearly it represents a harmonica.

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