Monday, August 13, 2018

1901 Indian head penny and much more!

Yesterday I was exploring my flea market permission and not finding much, so I decided to "use the force" and just wander around "feeling" where to go.  It was almost like dowsing, I felt called to go to a particular area and I came to a spot that I have covered at least twice and my detector went nuts with high and mid tones all overlaid.  I almost tried resetting it, but then realized that these were all good signals and started digging.  Almost everything you see in the picture below was found in a 10ft. square area.   I'm quite pleased with my Garrett ACE 300's ability to isolate different signals when they are close together.  I know that the fancy new models are even better at discriminating overlaid items, but I think that I'll be sticking with the 300 for quite some time.
The clad coins include 2 quarters, 2 nickels, 10 dimes, 6 pennies.  Plus lots of brass including plumbing parts, finial and chain that will go in my recycling bin.

I didn't notice the 1901 Indian Head until after I got home. I just throw all the coins in my bag and clean and inspect them in the good light of my work area.  This is my first Indian and it's in pretty good shape!

Also got a 1944 Wheatie.

And a 1962 Canadian one cent.  I have a lot of Canadian coins - being relatively close to the border.  People come to this flea market from all over the East Coast - buyers and sellers.

This button with a propeller on it is cool.  The back is rusted, but the shank is intact.

This silver ring still has its price tag from when it was dropped.  It was an inch or so down in the grass roots.  I can't read the price, but the other side of the tag says "coral", but the stone is bleached out.  Must have been pretty originally.  I see a lot of these silver rings selling for around $10 when I walk through the market while it is open.

This ring feels like aluminum, maybe it was gold anodized originally.

Not sure if this was jewelry, it is marked: "OREGON No. 2.".  Looks like plated brass.

These pieces of a toy gun were falling apart as I dug them up.

It took over an hour to dig all this stuff up!  Yesterday my finds were so uninspiring, and today totally makes up for it.  Funny how it goes in waves for me.

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