Sunday, August 12, 2018

My first intact (brass) thimble

Yesterday was gray and drizzling, but I got out to 2 of my favorite sites and found a few interesting items, a rusted pen knife, brass bits and some coins.

I have been hoping to find a thimble - ideally a silver one - but I'll take a nice brass one!

I found these cheap cuff links a few feet from each other.  Both were intact, but when I tried to straighten one, it just broke.  It's pretty rare to find 2 of anything like cuff links or earrings.

Another live round that I'll drop off to the Sheriff's office when I accumulate a few more.

Another musket ball for my small but growing collection.

Finally this brass ring.   It looks a bit like a shower curtain ring, but I'm not sure what it was for.

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