Monday, August 20, 2018

Back to the 1850s house

I went back to my friends house that was built in the 1850s with a stable in back originally.  I found an 1822 large cent last time and had high hopes for something equally old.  Well, I got more modern coins and a couple of odd finds.  There were some very deep signals that I gave up on as they were under roots or just too much work at over 12 inches.  I might go back and give those another try, but the signals read like big chunks of lead (roof flashing) or brass.

First thing I found in the side yard was this costume jewelry ring.
I was made in India from metal I can't identify.  It may have been plated brass, and it has a glass "stone" with a flower design in fused glass in it.  It was very poorly made.

The other interesting find is this dime sized medallion from the "NORTH AMERICAN HUNTING CLUB".  There was nothing on the back.

I have never seen a coin shaped object where it was rotting out from the edges.

The other stuff was bits of lead flashing and brass roofing nails - all give a very strong signal and those nails are hard to find in loose dirt!
At least I found $1.23 in coin!

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