Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Silver spoon buried under a flea market table

The weather has been quite amenable for a change.  Mid 70's, sunny and no wind - perfect for metal detecting!  I spent an hour or so at my flea market site and worked the gravel walkways and the areas just under the front edge of the tables where stuff gets dropped a lot.

The best find was this silver spoon.  It is stamped "BANGKOK".  It is a similar design to classic Siam Silver, but the inlay is light blue and not black silver.  It was a few inches down in the dirt and in pretty bad shape, but an hour or 2 in white vinegar/salt solution and some light wire brushing with a brass brush got it cleaned up nicely.

I also found my third US dollar coin, this one is from 2000.  It needed cleaning in my rock tumbler and came out nicely.  I had never seen dollar coins before I started metal detecting - who uses these?  Not me.  The Coinstar machine takes them though.

Plus the usual assortment of junk and modern coins.  I always recycle anything that can be recycled, from pull tabs to scrap brass etc.

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