Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cashing in at Reid State Park beach

I had not been down to Reid State Park beach for metal detecting yet.  It is only a 20 minute drive from me on all-new resurfaced road which is especially pleasant in my electric car.  You really notice road surface noise in an EV and fresh smooth roads are really quiet!  

I chatted with the park ranger at the entrance where I signed off a permission slip for detecting.  I gave her a few of my metal detecting business cards.  She said they would refer me to people that lose rings and jewelry and she noted that I live nearby!  Apparently they hear from about 5 people per season that lose valuables.  I hope I get a call!

I studied where people set up their chairs and tents and worked those areas and got $2.58 in coin and some tent pegs and trash.  The beach is known as the "mile long beach", but I stayed close to the entrance from the parking lot which is where people plop down their stuff.

A group of young kids got all excited as I was detecting near them and they "helped" me dig up a few coins.  I let one young girl keep the quarter she found.  It was cute to see one of the boys mimicking me by swinging a driftwood stick.  I think there may be future hobbyists in that group!

I met a young man with a Whites metal detector and spent some time talking with him and his wife.  He's quite new to detecting and they are very enthusiastic about the hobby.  They had seen my blog and I hope we can connect via Facebook to go hunting together since they live quite near me.

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