Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Early 1900s safety razor dug at the flea market

I had a very full day of digging yesterday.  Starting with digging some cellar holes (see this post) and then in the afternoon I went back to the flea market site and worked the parking area and around the barn.  In the evening I cleaned up my finds and used electrolysis for the first time (see previous post).  

The fun find from this afternoon was this GEM safety razor.  I can't find the exact one on the web, but I'm pretty sure it dates from around 1912-17.  It is a bit bent up, but being made of stainless steel - there's no rust.  I'm pretty sure this belonged to one of the 4 generations of family that have lived on this property.

The handle has some nice detail not seen on most GEM razors of that vintage.

I also dug some other scraps.  Bits of equipment made of brass or bronze that will go in my scrap bin.  And a Stanley center punch.

The other interesting find is this New Orleans House of Blues pendant (made in China of course).

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