Sunday, August 26, 2018

WOW! Roman Constantinius I coin from early 300's

Every time I go out metal detecting, I think of the old adage: "To catch a fish, think like a fish".  It's easier at the beach because of all the fish! . . . Um, I mean I can see where all the people plop down their towels. 😉😃  Around historic homes, I hunt around entrances and old trees and back yard areas.  At the flea market, I assume most coin spills and merchandise is dropped on the buyer side of the tables.  But this has not bee proven to be true, I find stuff all over the map.

So yesterday I decided to focus largely where the sellers back their vehicles up to the tables.  I found a lot of coins and some interesting pins up to 8feet from the tables.  I found about the same amount of items I would find on the buyers side.  Interesting.

 This broken sterling brooch goes right into my silver recycling bin.

This gold plated(?) military button has a screw back, so I assume it's recent.  Not sure what branch of the military it's from, there are letters above the wing beginning with "EP.." but that's all I can make out.

This cloisonné pin/earring is a bit scratched up, but I like the design.

 I think this may have been a military epaulet(?), it was black originally I think.

Yet another small lead animal for my growing collection.  I have never seen one new, so I can't tell it they were painted, but they all seem to have paint residue.

The most amazing find is this tiny coin.  I cleaned it in vinegar/salt for 20 minutes and I can see a face looking right.  

I'm pretty sure it is an Roman Imperial coin from the early 300's featuring Augustus Constantinius I.  The obverse shows two soldiers holding spears and shields with two standards between them.
Thanks to Matt Pfeil from the Stealth Digger Nation FB group for identifying this!  This is definitely the oldest coin I have found.  It may be barely identifiable, but it's mine and I'll take it!

When I try to explain the allure of metal detecting, I often say that it's a lot like fishing.  It's not so much about the catch, it's about the experience.  Obviously I'm not a catch and release kind of guy though!

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