Monday, August 27, 2018

Lost gold ring recovered on beach - and helping park rangers

I got an email last night around 7pm from a woman named Bethany about a lost gold ring on the beach.  She had got my info from the park rangers at the entrance to Popham State Park beach (Maine, USA).  I had dropped off some cards at the entrance gate a few days back and I'm so glad I did.  I called Bethany and asked her for the details and she was able to give me a very clear description of where she and her mom had put down their towels - it was her mom Judy's gold class ring from Russel Sage College in 1969.  She sent me a picture of what it looks like.  I'm sure it has a lot of sentimental value, if bought new today it's worth $785.  It is 18kt and weighs in at .162oz so the gold value alone is about $200.

I got out there at 8:30am and was the first in the parking lot!  There were signs that the east bathroom was closed.  It is right near the entrance stairs that go down to the beach, there's more to that story - read on.  I got down to the beach and found the driftwood teepee landmarks she gave me and started to work a grid.  I got excited every time I found a pull tab or scrap of tin foil.  Then after about 25 minutes - BINGO!

I would not have found it so easily without her clear description of the driftwood teepee locations relative to where they were sitting, and a bush up on the dune right near where they were sitting.

Here's the actual ring!

Out on the beach there is not a good signal for phone or texting, so I texted her a picture when I got home around 10:30am.  They got my texted picture while driving back to New York and were thrilled.  We will arrange shipping when they get home.  I requested $25 for the search plus shipping and a voluntary reward.

It was such a lovely morning that I stuck around and looked for coins - didn't find much.  One of the pleasant aspects of Maine beaches is that there is almost no trash.  All I found in 1 hour of hunting was a few scraps of buried tinfoil and gum wrappers and 2 pennies and a nickel, plus a few bits of surface trash, nothing much though.

On my way out I saw that the park rangers were digging around manholes trying to access the septic system that had failed.  I offered to help them find the place they needed to dig and it only took a few seconds to locate an iron signal near where they expected to find the 3rd the man hole.  They dug where I told them and they were dead center on the spot they needed and this saved them hours of digging to find it.  One of them gave me 5 free passes as thanks!  Second good deed of the day!
As they commented, the job of a park ranger is not always as glamorous as it seems.  Sometimes you are digging out a septic system.  I replied that it must be a shit job at times like this!

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