Sunday, September 23, 2018

Historic City of Bath 1840s home site - first dig

I just got permission to dig a property in the City of Bath, Maine.  Bath, known as the "City of Ships" has been a ship building town for 400 years.  This house is located a few blocks from the river waterfront and was built in the 1840s so I'm hoping to find neat stuff.  The property is large - probably over 1/4 acre with areas of lawn on a slope that comes down from the road.  The property owner Roland and his son walked me around and watched excitedly as I started detecting at the bottom of the garden.

The first thing I found was a strong signal with a wide footprint and it turned out to be a metal wheel -- shown at lower left.  The ground was soft and loamy and not too cluttered with junky signals, but I did use iron discrimination so I would not be distracted by nails and screws.  Nonetheless, I found a lot of large iron and steel items including a big plumbing part, a fishing rod handle and other rusty bits of metal.

The interesting smaller items so far include this small buckle that might have been from a shoe.  It broke while I was cleaning it.

This very bent spoon had some fancy on the handle but is very corroded.  It does not test as silver nor is it ferrous so I'm not sure what it was made of.

I like this piece of a small brass lamp.

And part of a tractor toy.

Further up the garden I found a caster that must be at least 50 years old I'd guess.

Here's a view looking up the garden.  There's a lot to explore here and I'm surprised that I did not find a coin, but I'll be back to explore in more detail soon.

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