Thursday, September 13, 2018

Monopoly at the flea market

I have not been out detecting much lately due to work and weather.  Today I was driving by the flea market and decided to squeeze in a half hour or so of detecting.  I think they close up in a week or so, but I have permission to continue detecting as long as it is closed.  I'm hoping to keep detecting until the ground freezes hard in November.

The first signal I found was on the surface, but hiding in the gray gravel.  Monopoly!

As usual I found modern coins, a dime and 7 pennies.  Also a lamp finial on a post, a copper bracket and more.

This bracelet is interesting because it is clearly copper yet stamped 925 implying sterling.  I think it was silver plated but that is all gone now.

This brass skull bead is 2 faced with eye holes that go all the way through.

And 2 bullets.  I have no idea whether they are modern or what caliber.

An entertaining hunt on a very pleasant sunny day in the low 70's.

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