Friday, September 7, 2018

Silver coins at the family cabin!

I am up at the family cabin on Frenchman Bay across from Bar Harbor in Maine for a three-day weekend getaway by myself.  I got the metal detector out right away and swept the front lawn which faces right onto the water. 

The cabin was built in the 1950s and one of the first things I found was a big metal pulley. It looks like the kind of thing that might've been used during the construction process.

I roamed around the front lawn and found some nails and other odd bits of metal.  But then right at the edge I found a standing liberty quarter, I believe it's a 1917, unfortunately the dates tend to wear off on this vintage coin so it's hard to tell for sure.  Then I got a 1952 Roosevelt silver dime and a 1925 wheat penny followed by 1969 Lincoln penny. Pretty good haul for a one hour hunt!

Update a few days later:
I tested the quarter and found it is a 1924.  I used a small drop of acid used for testing 10K gold to lightly etch the surface where the date should be below the standing Liberty's feet.  I moved the acid around a bit with a toothpick until the number was revealed.  It was only visible in the wet acid and disappeared when I washed off the coin and polished the area that had been dulled by the acid.  This is definitely my favorite coin find so far.

The view from the front deck is quite spectacular.  Off to the right (not in the picture) you can see Acadia , Cadillac Mountain and Bar Harbor.

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