Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My friends back yard finds

I went back to my friends Tom and Marets property this afternoon after the sun dropped low enough to shade the lawn.  It was in the low 80's and humid, but a light breeze made it pleasant.  I worked my way down the lawn that slopes away from the house.  I was hoping to find cool stuff around where there was once an orchard, no luck.  I got mostly pull tabs, nails, and other odd junk.

So I came back up and searched around below their deck while Tom watched.  He was tickled when I turned up a lobster pick, and let me keep it.

I also found a nice vintage silver fork marked "ALVIN STERLING" - another keeper!  Alvin was in business from 1886 to 1928, so this is around 100 years old.  It's in very good shape.
Then I found a brass garden hose nozzle, this design is old I think and does not shut off.  Tom hooked it up to a hose and it shot a thin stream over 30 feet.  Great for putting out small fires, but this one goes in my brass recycling bin.

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