Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Cool find near the 1800s farm house barn

The weather was warm enough and not raining for a change so I went back to the early 1800s farm house near me that has an attached barn built in the 1990s.  This time I stuck close to the barn and found more signals than I had time to dig.  But I definitely got a few goodies.  The dirt is loose and easy to dig, but I had to go over 6" to get most of today's finds.

Big pieces of steel and copper from the barn and a huge square steel nut.  I'm not sure what the spoons are made of, but they are very soft and seem to have been plated originally.

The best find for me was the second crotal bell that I have ever found.  The clapper is missing so it does not ring, but it's a beauty with fancy decoration.  This is definitely bronze and not brass.

I showed it to the property owner and she was intrigued, we both hoped it would ring.  I cleaned the dirt out in her work sink, but sadly the clappers in crotal bells tend to be steel and rust out.

But when I showed her the oarlock, she recognized it immediately as one she had lost about 15 years ago when she was pressure washing a dinghy.  She still has the matching one and was glad to have this back - after I cleaned and photographed it.

I also found a small sterling owl pin.
I'm hoping to go back tomorrow since the weather is giving us a break between rain and wind for a bit.

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