Sunday, October 14, 2018

Digging around old 1940s cabins and dump

Today was another perfect crisp fall day - ideal for digging in my neighborhood.  There are some cabins nearby that were built in the 1940s from locally milled logs and I walk by them often.  Today I decided to detect around them.  I actually found most of the metal items on the long private dirt road.  But I also wandered off into the woods where the old dump is for the cabins.  That's where I found the bottles and jar.

Here's a view of one cabin and part of the road where I dug some of the coins:

The most interesting item is this "I.C.A. ELECTROSTATIC ARRESTER". Labeled on the bottom: "INSULINE CORP OF AMERICA NY.  APPROVED CAT NO 340 MADE IN USA".  I guess it was used to protect tube radios from lightning coming in from the big outside antenna that they used in those days.  The company made tube radios in the 1930S.

I also found this large steel spike in the road about 6" down.

I had explored the dump before and found the "Zonite" bottle earlier (on the right in the picture above).  Apparently this was a bottle of "feminine hygiene product".  I think this bottle is from the forties.

I looked up some of the old ads for this stuff - pretty scary!

The other bottles are neat, the clear one is dated 1953 - a couple years older than me!

And the 1950s white jar of Dorothy Gray cold cream may have contained their famous radioactive mud - check out this old TV commercial where they wave a Geiger counter near the woman's face!

There are more bottles out there, but they all seem to be more modern.  Maybe I'll go back and haul them out for recycling.  Glass is one of the most recycled materials on the planet!

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