Tuesday, October 16, 2018

First dig at a 1800s farm house permission

I got permission to dig on a property with an original early 1800s farm house and barn that was added in the 1990s.  I had high hopes for finding cool coins and relics, but so far nothing too exciting, but I'll be going back there to explore further.
I found a few modern coins near where they park their cars - several rotted Lincoln pennies and 3 dimes.  Lots of bits of copper and lead roof flashing and a big nail.  And not shown are a steel plate about 3x5" and a 2ft long piece of steel pipe.  These are typical finds around old farm houses.

The interesting items are this handle that has a slot down the middle and what appears to have been part of a hinge.  This looks vaguely familiar, like it could have been a handle for a milk jug and the hinge would open the lid.

This tiny lead weight is interesting too, at first I thought it was a musket ball but it has a distinct hole and casting rim.

And I almost dismissed this little 1.75" diameter dish because I had not noticed the fancy pattern.  I think it's made of lead or pewter and bends easily.  Perhaps it is doll house scale?  Or maybe a decorative holder for small items.

10+ hours in my National Geographic rock tumbler with aquarium gravel, water and a drop of Dawn.  It's cleaning up nicely:

I think it is either a doll house saucer, or an incense burning plate.

Incidentally, the rock tumbler I use is a small hobby unit made by National Geographic.  It has an internal timer that lets you set DAYS, and I need HOURS.  SO I built a timer box from stuff I got at the hardware store so now I can set 1,2,4 or 8 hours:

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