Sunday, June 23, 2019

1700's house in Boothbay yields brass buckle

I got permission to dig a 1700's house in Boothbay, Maine today.  It was a pleasant day for detecting with temperatures in the low 80's and light breezes keeping the bugs at bay.  I was hoping to find more relics, but after 2 hours the best I got was an iron ring that was possibly a piece of horse tack and part of a brass shoe(?) buckle.  $1.27 in modern change was found in the front yard where the family plays.  I'm not showing the trash - scraps of metal and bike parts etc.  The spigot handle was found way out in the lawn which was odd.  They have lived there over 25 years and it is a much loved home and property with deep history.  I'm planning on going back to see what else I can recover.

. . . After cleaning I discovered one of those pennies was a 1944 wheat, another one for my collection.

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