Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What I didn't find at Popham beach

I got a call from a very anxious guy who had lost his car keys at Popham beach when his beach tent blew over.  The park rangers had given him my card and I told him I could be there in half an hour.  As I drove down I got caught behind several school busses and then construction that added 10 minutes to the drive.  When I checked in with the rangers at the gate, they said he had just found the keys!  So I paid my $6 admission and figured I would do a bit of detecting.  I met the guy and he offered to compensate me (I charge $25 to come out and $25/hour)  He had $15 cash in his wallet which I gratefully accepted.  If not for slow traffic I might have been a hero!

It was a lovely warm breezy day, so I spent 45 minutes detecting and found 2 shiny coins and a bracelet, so it was not a total loss!

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