Saturday, June 1, 2019

It's down to pennies and hardware at the playground

My second day digging the local school playground and I got mostly pennies and a lot of discarded stainless steel hardware - presumably from old playground equipment.  

I had a group of young 3 to 5 year-olds "helping me" as I dug and I let them keep a penny "treasure" each.  They were all so delightfully eager and one boy pronounced me a "Good Man" to his mom!  Cute!  They were very respectful of the equipment and understood how it worked very quickly as I took off my 'phones so they could hear the bleeps.  One girl got a surface find quarter right under the swings!

I guess I have almost played out the area and will now start ranging out into the long grass and walkways abutting the playing fields.  Obviously, I do not have permission to dig the athletic field areas.  I do however, pick up trash anywhere I see it.  The locals are pretty good about not leaving trash, but the kids . . . not so much.

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