Thursday, March 26, 2020

More jewelry at my local school

It was a lovely warm spring day so I went back to the local school.  There were quite a few families out on the school grounds enjoying the sunny day.  People are tired of being house bound with the COVID-19 pandemic.  We all practiced responsible social distancing and waved or said "HI" from over 20 feet away.  There's a joke that when a Mainer was asked to keep 6 feet apart, her replied: "That's awful close!"

I parked in a small lot off to the side and began detecting around the edges of the asphalt.  Yes, that's my Chevy Volt behind me!  No fossils fuel wasted on this adventure!
I found the usual coins - $1.25 total, and lots of trash that I don't show.  I also found a gardening trowel with a wood handle that I plan on using.

There were a couple of neat rings, this one is gold anodized aluminum:

And this one was lost by "Ella" apparently:

The necklace looks like silver and pearls, but is junk jewelry:

The quarters, dimes and nickles I find get cleaned in my rock tumbler with aquarium gravel and white vinegar for a few hours.  They come out shiny clean!

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