Friday, March 27, 2020

Pewter measuring cup found in neighbor's field

Over 100 years ago my small dead-end road with about a dozen houses on it was a family farm.  There are still open fields used for hay, or just kept cut down for open space.  My neighbors Charlie and Jennifer have about 10 acres and the open field in front is 2-3 acres I'd guess.  In the picture of the field above, you can see Charlie's woodworking workshop on the left, and mine is more hidden on the right.

Today I asked if I could detect on their field and I spent an hour or so wandering the perimeter and found a few old square nails and some piece of broken metal that might be from farm equipment.

But the best find was a nice old pewter teaspoon measuring cup.  Here are some close-up pictures:

I plan to spend more time on this field, but I just got a new permission nearby that is promising since there has been a home on the site since 1799 or so, so I'll be practicing "COVID-19 safe distancing" there tomorrow hopefully.  

Update - next day:
When I showed the measuring cup to my neighbor Charlie, he immediately recognized it as one the had been missing from a set for years and was delighted to have it back.  He said it was a wedding gift from 1988.

Here's a lovely note I got from Jennifer:
I AM THRILLED!!!!!!! We got this set of measuring spoons for our wedding in 1988, from my cousin Katie. In 1993, when we moved into the house, Charlie mounted the wooden holder on our cabinet. Shortly after that, we lost the teaspoon. I have spent 25 or so years seeing the empty spot in the set and feeling sad about it and wondering where it went. Many many thanks. Jennifer. 
Here it is back in it's rightful place:

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  1. Very beautiful! What did Charlie and Jennifer day when they saw it! Makes me think you should do more looking at home too.


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