Friday, October 23, 2020

Massive coin spill in the playground!

Today I decided to go back to the small city children's playground that had yielded a lot of coins earlier this year.  I started by finding a number of quarters and several large pieces of stiff wire that seemed to be left over from chain-link fence assembly.  I was pleased to remove those as they were obvious sharp hazards for children.

Then I worked my way into the corner near the blue spinner and my metal detector went nuts.  I thought it was malfunctioning because it was beeping constantly.  But when I got down with my pin pointer, there were signals everywhere!

I would locate a strong signal and move a few bark chips aside and there would be clusters of dimes.  Talk about a coin spill!  Ultimately I found a total of $5.90 in dimes in an area covering only a few square feet.  Also 10 quarters and 3 pennies for a total of $11.40!  Wow, that's a pretty good haul for about an hour's work.  I also found a perfectly good set of earbuds.

It looks like I am going to have to go back to this park more often.  It's a real moneymaker!  The coins were all fresh shiny new, so I didn't need to clean any of them.  Last time I had been there was early July, so clearly kids drop coins here a lot.

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  1. Guy, glad you had such a fun payday. As a kid my friend Dan and I would ride our bikes all over Minneapolis and check pay phone banks for change folks never took from the coin return. It wasn't very lucrative but it was a lot of fun. Dave.


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