Thursday, October 22, 2020

Working the hay field across from my house

I have not been out metal detecting since July.  The summer was brutally hot, and then I just got distracted with other things.  But today was a beautiful fall day to get out in the hay field right across from my house.  I honestly didn't expect to find much, it was just nice to be outdoors.  

I was pleasantly surprised to dig up three large rifle cartridges and a .22 shell, three pennies, a dime, and a very mangled spoon.

As I was headed back I found a big signal which was just hidden in the grass.  It's a piece of farm equipment used in the haying process.  I will call the farmer and see if he wants it back. 

- he said it was a tine that came off his tedder and they fall off all the time, so he doesn't need it.

I'm hoping to get out more often over the next month or so before it gets too cold to detect.



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