Sunday, April 11, 2021

Disappointment at a local farm


It was a pleasant spring day in the mid 50's today and I worked a permission on a farm that has been owned by the same family for at least 3 generations.  I went around the outside of the barns and found very little of interest.  In the vehicle (not farm equipment) parking area I found lots of modern coins, many were "stinkin' Lincolns" that were rotted out.  The metal plate is from a "submersible sewage pump" - typical for a farm I guess.  Some .22 shells, a broken spoon and brass hose sprayer.

It was a pleasant hour and a half despite lackluster finds.  It's just nice to get out in the sun and get into the zone.  Metal detecting is a lot like fishing - you don't necessarily expect to catch fish.  It's just a relaxing way to be outdoors.

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